Elbert Eugene Spriggs and the Nine Criteria For Narcissistic Personality Disorder

The following quotes and statements of Elbert Eugene Spriggs correlate with the nine criteria of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual IV, section 301.81 The Narcissistic Personality disorder.

1. Feels grandiose and self importance (e.g,, exaggerates achievements and talents to the point of lying, demands to be recognized as superior without commensurate achievements); Sam Vaknin, PhD

The leaders of Christianity reject the ministry of the Elijah, and reject the will of God for themselves. To Bring the Times of Restoration

Spriggs calls himself an apostle, "I must begin by saying that the only authority I have to be called an apostle is my fruit, of course authority comes from God, but is recognized by men according to its fruit its practicality." Apostolic Role 1976 or 1977

We are Yoneq new sprout. We are Yoneq's most precious possession. We are the validity of his apostleship. We stand in his place. We are the new sprout organically related to one another. We must practice his words. Apostolic Workers Meeting 6/13/88

I want with all my heart to be a netser. I am not ashamed of it, or how it sounds. My Father loves me, He loves me so much that He gives me a handle, a means of grace to remind me. And the people of YHWH can forget so quickly. I need this grace. I am honored. Netser

You shall return speaks of Malachi 4:5. Elijah shall return before the great and terrible day of Yahweh. Malachi 4:5 says I will send you (a commission) to bring the covenant (Malachi 3:1) and communicate the Spirit once more to earth, to people, who dwell on earth, to bring about judgment. The day is coming - you shall return. You is Elijah, who brings the absolute standard of the covenant, judgment between those who keep it and those who don't, the wise and the wicked, burning like an oven, remembering the Law of Moses. Remembering Moses, but Elijah will come to you. You is Israel. To restore the fallen booth of David, the twelve tribes of Israel just before the end of the age, which will be by the great tribulation before the end of the age to bring about the fruit of Matthew 21:43; Malachi 3:16. By What Authority

Elijah comes to prove who is Yahweh, the true Elohim. Elijah does this by restoring the 12 tribes of Israel, the edah - the body of Messiah. The Restoration of the Altar

He added divine nature when we received His Spirit. We still have human nature though, our natures are not co-mingled. We have two distinct natures, human and divine..... Word of God

As Hebrews 2:1 explicitly warns, careful attention must be paid to the anointing so we do not drift away. This same anointing through the sent one brought you into salvation and will by the same spirit lead you to the finish. If we ignore the anointing flow which brings salvation, as in 2 Thessalonians 2:13-15, how shall we escape just retribution of disobedience to the law was punished by death, how much more those who hear the gospel. Prevail

2. Is obsessed with fantasies of unlimited success, fame, fearsome power or omnipotence, bodily beauty or sexual performance (the somatic narcissist), or ideal, everlasting, all-conquering love or passion. Sam Vaknin, PhD

The consequence of resisting authority is death..... Reasoning

Our children are the ones who are going to fulfill the promises and prophecies in Revelation. Authority 1

We cannot tolerate one second of someone who would accuse the body. So he is cut off - he has to leave. Never will he be with us again until he repents. There is no room for anyone who complains against or anything in the body. We do not tolerate faction a person going around dividing the body, persuading another brother against the truth. They go to the second death, the lake of fire. Breaking of Bread 2/14/90

Though they beat around the bush with first time visitors, the Tribes clearly consider themselves the only true work of God on earth since the apostles. Being the called, chosen, and the faithful, one member repeatedly shouted at a daily gathering "I am so thankful and not ashamed to declare we're it! We're it! God's only people! We are the people He's always wanted and never obtained!" The Tribes teach that only they possess God's spirit. 89 Reasons for Leaving

Who is that Twelve Tribes? His people, the wife of the Lamb, the twelve tribes of Israel. It is the multifaceted body of Messiah in which every member is different and each and every one radiates an aspect of the resplendent glory of our Master Yahshua. We will shine out as beacon lights in the universe; we are going to be shining out His firmament, shining out the glory of our Master like stars forever and ever. It sounds lofty, doesn't it? But it only sounds that way because it's so vast. Prayer; Millet; and His Ultimate Purpose

When you speak against anyone in authority your Father hears it. Mary spoke against one of our Father's servants no anguish or sorrow about this. Body Meeting September 2, 1990

(Yoneq speaking to Hobab) - If you had really wanted to do something about your withered condition, you would have been here this morning to expose it to let us know. But you didn't come - you obstinately and deliberately stayed in bed - so you may as well have packed your bags and deserted Messiah. If the Holy Spirit is willing to forgive you, we are willing - we are waiting to hear what our Father's judgment is.... The Seriousness of Being Cut Off From Messiah

Always stand on the side of authority! If we divorce ourselves from authority in order to be safe, we have violated our Father's heart. Sent Ones

3. Firmly convinced that he or she is unique and, being special, can only be understood by, should only be treated by, or associate with, other special or unique, or high-status people (or institutions). Sam Vaknin, PhD

The Elijah will deal absolutely in the Spirit of Yahweh. Baal

That little group of people we met seemed so insignificant that day- they were older and kind of straight (it was different for me)! Yoneq and I didn't know what was going to happen and the Raphael said 'This man is from Chattanooga - I think our Father sent him and we need to listen to him.' Then it got quiet and Yoneq spoke and they received him. Growing Up Into the Head

1900 years after the fall of the first community, the edah is now being restored. The holy are once more upon the earth in this present age.... The Last Generation

Twenty two years ago our Father spoke to me. 'Why are you living? What is your purpose? Why are you breathing?' Keeping Your Mind On The Spirit

The last thing He is doing in this age is to restore the woman, the twelve tribes of Israel. This is the restoration of all things in this age and then the new age can begin. This restoration is the most delicate and intricate operation. Only the master Physician can do it. It is such an amazing, fine, wonderful work that is going on. That's why we never want to complain about anything. It is going to be so amazing that kings will close their mouth and rulers will be silenced because of it. It is going to startle the whole world. Sabbath - Sign of Hope

Elijah must come first to raise up the tribes of Israel in this age, before the time can come for the next age restoration of the twelve tribes. Matthew 17:10 says why then do the scribes say that Elijah must come first. If the kingdom is already here, Elijah is coming first, or before the next age kingdom, when Yahshua will reign on the throne, as Malachi 4:5-6 was to be, and is to be fulfilled before the next age kingdom Israel. To Bring the Times of Restoration

This is a word to all true disciples. Our Father revealed to me that we were to observe the Sabbath the day He made, not Sunday. Observing the Sabbath

We are the light and the hope of the world. We are the only ones who can reclaim this earth for its maker. We are the only ones whose lives of love and pure devotion, like a bride for her groom, can bring heaven to earth. All other attempts to do so are not merely futile, they are evil. Guidelines

4. Requires excessive admiration, adulation, attention, and affirmation - or failing that, wishes to be feared and to be notorious (Narcissistic supply). Sam Vaknin, PhD

My three dear brothers and sisters, I am writing this to you by way of commission by our apostle...I know all of you are filled with the life that Yoneq has lavished on you. We are beginning to have this life revive our faint and weakened souls as his coming has been a most waited for and treasured event. Defensiveness

It grieves me that I was not connected or attached to Yoneq. Dullness prompted me to call you when Yoneq should have been the one I sought wisdom from. All this stuff about Ayal's baptism came about without Yoneq's approval or knowledge...! Ayal will be restored by a ruling government who are attached and connected to Yoneq. For weeks my heart has been grieved at my lack of loyalty to Yoneq. Letter Sent to Deshe

All I know now, Yoneq, is that I have been crying out with all my heart that our Father would grant me total repentance and that he would give me another chance to be a godly wife and mother. This discipline of being cut off for two months and being separated from the children (the three boys are in Judah and also Tamar) has forced me to cry out for salvation to reach my life... A Letter From Yachebed

As for the children, first of all I wanted to thank you so much for your and Ha emeq's love and care for Tamar. Words cannot express the great remorse and grief I experienced as Tamar had to get on another plane once again as she wasn't being helped by us. Thank you for removing her during this time of uprooting and healing for Yonah and me.... A Letter From Yachebed

And in this same way, Yoneq, I wanted to deeply appreciate you and how you have been so very very patient with me all these many years. Just like a good father you have been praying, hoping, and loving me with such compassion and mercy...A Letter From Yachebed

5. Feels entitled. Expects unreasonable or special and favorable priority treatment. Demands automatic and full compliance with his or her expectations. Sam Vaknin, PhD

He is a regular thief Yoneq, the guru (Elbert Eugene Spriggs considered like a prophet came many times in his helicopter. He would stay 2 or 3 months... He had separate house with the nicest rugs, goodies and special treats. Testimony of Evelyne Massy Humanity Press (France)

Life in the kingdom is life under authority. If you have a problem with authority you have a problem with God. Elders and Deacons

Our safeguarding - our umbrella of protection - is our loyalty to the anointing.... Guidelines

Spriggs, 64, reportedly has sole control over the group's tithe - a 10 percent skim of all money taken in by the dozens of cafes, workshops and contracting businesses run by the members. The Cult Next Door

Critics charge that the twelve tribes is really a brainwashing sham religion that preys on lost souls, sucking members dry of their money, property and identity while fattening the pockets of the reclusive Spriggs. Members turn over their land, homes, cars and bank accounts to the group, vowing to live communally. The Cult Next Door

When there was a set back the police told one of our little groups to leave the area, we were not allowed even in the parking lot... What else could we do but leave the exit? Someone started to tell the others, but I stopped them. It was better for the rest not to know. Intertribal News May 1996, Hamburg, New York

A person who does deeds on his own initiative hates authority. The Fourteenth Generation

Elbert Eugene Spriggs controls everything in the community. Nothing happens unless it comes directly from him. Michael Painter Former member

6. Is "interpersonally exploitative," i.e., uses others to achieve his or her own ends.
Sam Vaknin, PhD

My mom gave birth to me without the assistance of any doctors, anesthetics, nurses, or hospital beds. It was forbidden to go to hospitals or have a normal life in the twelve tribes cult. Yoneq, our leader, had made these things forbidden to all members so that they would have no contact with the outside world. That ensured the cult leader there would be no interference with the brainwashing process. It took my mom five long, painful days to give birth to me because of cult law. On the Seventh Day He Violated Me

The twelve tribes has been accused by former members and by other observers of taking susceptible young people, isolating them from the greater community, indoctrinating them into the tribes, making them submit to an abusive authority structure, and making them work up to 80 to 90 hours a week without pay. Vine Elders Concede Church Has Authoritarian Character

Estee Lauder has been using Common Sense "for a couple of years," a spokesman confirmed, but she says that relationship stopped "in late January or early February of 2001 of this year." "We ended that relationship because a routine, regular check turned up a question about the age of a couple of workers," says the spokeswoman. "We called in the folks from Common Sense, and we found their answers insufficient, and with record speed we were out of there." The Cult Next Door

The spirit of Eliyah must come upon the fathers in order that Genesis 18:19 can be enacted. All fathers must come under the anointing of the teaching of child training and receive Yahweh's appointed servant. Bar Mitzvzah

Israel Griffin suffered a severe cut on his hand working a band saw in a New York wood shop when he was 15. His mother responded with, "You accept your children being mistreated by other people, adding that her kids needed years of counseling to recover from the mental and physical abuse. "And when you question it, you don't feel like you're adequate enough to raise you're kids alone." Woman Wasted 21 Years of Life

They have lots of money and they give most of it to Yoneq, 18 year old former member Zebulon Wiseman says. He's constantly flying around. He lives a life of luxury. Cult Leader Travels World In Style

She (Ha emeq) gets to shop and fly around while all the other women are in the communities taking care of children, Zebulon Wiseman, son of the group's second in command, Charles "Eddie" Wiseman, said. And all the other men are working their butts off, but Yoneq is out living it up. Cult Leader Travels World In Style

7. Devoid of empathy. Is unable or unwilling to identify with or acknowledge the feelings and needs of others. Sam Vaknin, PhD

They spanked me from my feet to my neck, Noah explained. All the way. I was black and blue, basically, head to toe. Noah said he's been hit with a two-by-four on a job site, he's been beaten with reeds and locked in a basement. Ex Member Describes Twelve Tribes

Because they enjoyed a "burlesque" piece of lingerie, one couple had to confess their "sin" to the entire household. I felt sorry for them. Through his teachings, I believe Spriggs instructs couples about "correct sexual positions." Tribal control doesn't stop at the bedroom doors. Content with their one baby, one couple had to repent when they honestly stated that they wished to have no more. 89 Reasons For Leaving

Reproof gives wisdom to the child. Submission comes only through reverent submission (fear) of the Lord. Execute judgment and draw blood. Elders Meeting 2/11/78

Our children need to fear the rod. The severity of our discipline should cause them to never want to be disciplined again. Don't be afraid of your "baby" that he is going to be more than you can handle if you confront his bad attitudes or deal with his disobedience. For we have no other purpose that to deal with our children. So, take action and beat the tar out of him. Letter From Abel

There is no such thing as harsh treatment in any role of authority. Elders and Deacons

It was a very serious thing what Hobab did - he thought he could pick and choose what he wanted to do this morning and then just come back to the sacrifice and say, "I'm sorry." When you cut yourself off it's like leaving the body! You didn't physically leave, but you left the life and hope, just like others have done, committing a fatal sin.... The Seriousness of Being Cut Off From Messiah

Those who sleep during a dull teaching must stand until the remainder of the session. During teachings, members may not get up to use the bathroom or drink water. 89 Reasons For Leaving

Years earlier, I questioned my household coordinator regarding women who are just too small to safely deliver their babies at home. Coldly he said, "Let them rip." 89 Reasons For Leaving

8. Constantly envious of others or believes that they feel the same about him or her.
Sam Vaknin, PhD

During a heated town hall meeting, Elbert Eugene Spriggs, the reclusive and sole leader of the twelve tribes community, aimed an unprovoked verbal barrage at Bob Pardon, director of New England Institute of Religious Research. After the verbal assault, Spriggs abruptly left the building. Eyewitness Accounts

9. Arrogant, haughty behaviors coupled with rage when frustrated, contradicted, or confronted. Sam Vaknin, PhD

Knowledge of good and evil is the thing which drives one to go outside the anointing for teaching. This is a profoundly evil way of thinking. It is like a child checking up on his father as if he had anything in him to judge his father. Sent Ones

Anyone who remains tied to this world and doesn't receive Abraham's seed will go to death. No Unrighteousness In Us

So, no lie, or deceit, or falsehood was found in the 144,000 who were selected and sent out to be sacrificed. Each one, like the lambs of old Israel, was to be selected, being without blemish or fault..... The Male Child - Without Deceit or Falsehood

I'm thankful we were chosen out of all the billions on the earth. Our Father's heart has been to have a home on the earth. We're His representatives. Getting A New Heart - part 2

1900 years after the fall of the first community, the edah is now being restored. The holy are once more upon the earth in this present age.... The Last Generation

The last thing He is doing in this age is to restore the woman, the twelve tribes of Israel. This is the restoration of all things in this age and then the new age can begin. That restoration has to take place before the new age can begin. This restoration is the most delicate and intricate operation. Only the master Physician can do it. It is such an amazing, fine, wonderful work that is going on. That's why we never want to complain about anything. It is going to be so amazing and rulers will be silenced because of it. It is going to startle the whole world. Sabbath - Sign of Hope

There is no remedy for the child or the parents who has obstinance against the anointing. The parents never prospered in the edah for this reason. They concealed their transgression against the anointing. Bar Mitzvah

Restoration can only occur if every person is under the anointing, the good anointing. We should want and do give ourselves to this good anointing. Apostolic Workers Meeting 8/2/88