Testimony of Evelyne -Massy
Humanity Press
February 26, 2000

Testimony of Evelyne -Massy

Evelyne Massy 40, years old, lived two and a half years at the castle with her husband and 4 children. In 1999 she narrated her story to Simone Sans, what she lived through. Her testimony reminded me of stories of concentration camps, the only difference, they did not exterminate people. She. said there was no heat, no water, women were only good to make babies, work and stay quiet. There were many warrants and searches for mental abuse but never anything came out of it My husband and I have known the cult at -Mourenx where the followers sold bread. I arrived at Tabitha's Place when I was pregnant with my fourth child. My husband and I donated our house and new car, We found the people very warm and friendly. The people would eat left over bread unsold at the market as well as soup, When it was pumpkin season, we ate pumpkins; cabbage, seldom meat, sometimes a little chicken or lamb. At Tabitha's Place the children are not alloxved to ask. If a chid told his mother he was hungry he was disciplined. He was beaten on his hands or feet. Even the babies were beaten if they cried. The children learned real quick to be quiet. They became very good and don't talk to strangers. My second son was considered a "rebel" according to the elders. The elders give orders and everyone follows. Sebastian was beaten often. They would lay him face down and beat him on the back so nothing would be seen. I did not agree with this. The elders would say that women were fallen beings, feelings not good for kids and we over protected them. They had a saying "it is better to see your child die than to walk with evil." Olivier Lambert who was the leader at the time was a real dictator. He would beat the kids with great joy. Sodas, chocolate and many other things were not allowed but since I left the commune I have since seen Olivier Lambert at the supermarket with many of those items in his cart, He is a regular thief Yoneq, the guru, (Elbert Eugene Spriggs) considered like a prophet came many times in his helicopter- He would stay 2 or 3 months. He would prophesize and put his teachings to work, He had a separate house with the nieest rugs, goodies and special treats. After 2 years my husband wanted to leave. He went alone to the police and ADFI to come and get me and the kids. -My husband and I have divorced. All my children have had psychiatrist sessions.