Humanity Press
Humanity Press
February 26,2000

Rebaptized "the farm", a few months ago, the commune is established at Sus since 1993 in the castle. In appearance, the location seems perfect: a park like setting with bridge surrounding the strong walled castle. By the castle is a round structure for the office and prayer hall. Out of 200 followers, around 80 are. children living at the castle and at the Angous farm (resold after the death of the boy), In April 1997, 96 followers staved

according to the survey of 1999. How many children amongst them? -about 30 of school age. 20 around 12 years old. But every time we try to find out the exact numbers from our inspection, city hall, social workers, we get the same vague answer. 'Maybe there could be more members. They come and go," In France, in 2000, the children were not declared of their existence. Children therefore with no rights. in 1997, the police discovered in the sect of Horus, more than 50 children who were. never declared, "Tabitha's Place" is known for this practice since they do not believe in schooling and world contamination. The judicial system should search and the French law authorizes the exact number? We must act according to the laws, respect the rights and answer the prosecutor. -Reasons to worry about the children -A subsidiary of a cult in U.S, Canada, Brazil, New Zealand., Spain and Germany -Founded by Elbert Eugene Spriggs who promises to save the end of the world frorn fire and us non believers -The ADFI warns the families of the dangers of such cults and has to stop them. The children at the farm work for free which is against French law and violates international treaties. Someone recently went undercover in the castle and confirmed that the children did manual labor such as carpentry and working in the fields. This is a serious situation. The children get up at 6 am and get arduous teachings all morning. They work all afternoon with their parents. For example a twelve-year-old girl does soldering, others do gardening and remodeling. They cannot play. All toys are thrown out. Balloons and dolls are not allowed either.