Do community members really obey Elbert Eugene Spriggs?

If we have our Father's choice of elders and leaders then we are to render absolute obedience to them. An elder doesn't have to defend his authority. Attitude of elders is Fear and trembling. For they represent the authority of Yahweh on the earth.
-Elders and Deacons

Sheep either submit to authority or they don't know God. If they don't recognize authority they're not sheep.
-Elders Part II

If an elder questioned Spriggs' teachings he could lose his place of Authority. Dissenting elders were also talked about in the Apostolic Workers Meetings.
-Michael Painter Former Member

Life in the kingdom is life under authority. If you have a problem with authority you have a problem with God.
-Elders and Deacons

We obey authority in the body absolutely... Our first priority is upon obedience to the authority in the community.
-Elders and Deacons

The kingdom of God is a place where the government of God is. That government is the elder brothers.
-Jules Laramee Former Member

There is no such thing as harsh treatment in any role of authority.
-Elders and Deacons

What if the elders say 'l don't think you should do this,' and by saying it they speak from our Father?… To not obey is like defying or despising the word of God. It is like rebellion, witchcraft and divination.
-Rebellion; Sabbath Keeping; Salt 11/21/92

Whatever Gene Spriggs said was law. He made the decisions through a group of guys known as elders and you didn't question them. If you questioned, you were made to believe you were questioning God.
-Elizabeth Petty Former Member

If the elders tell someone something, for their own good, and the person does not do it, it is stubbornness, rebellion and unwillingness to heed the voice of the elders and leaders Nothing can result but chaos in the body…
-Body Meeting reRebellion -Zaccai

When our Master authorized the apostles to make disciples and teach them to observe all the things that He had taught them He established leaders in our midst. He delegated His authority to those He could trust it to. Therefore, Yahshua's authority is in our midst in the brothers who lead us.
-A Satanic principle 2/19/93

If you have been defiant of the word of God to obey your elders then you are in defiance to God.
-Body Meeting re:Zaccai

Elbert Eugene Spriggs controls everything in the community. Nothing happens unless it comes directly from him.
-Michael Painter Former Member