Is Elbert Eugene Spriggs in touch with reality?

Do not just listen to the word and deceive yourself; but do what it says. We look into the mirror to see what is wrong with us, not to see how beautiful we are. If we see something hanging out our nose and don't clean it, we will shame our Master's name. We take care of what is wrong; we don't walk away.
- Desire 8/91

No cheese. Throw the hard cheese out. We don't eat it. You can't get a good Jew to eat it. It's bad for your system. You have to get something else to compensate for it because it constipates you. Old hard cheeses are no good for you".
-Cook's Meeting And Food 7/10/91

What you are about; constitution; essential ingredient; what you are, as in the nature of math, a dog, a human being, iron, gold.
- Essential Gospel 7/26/89

When parental authority is rebelled against, it opens the door to come against all constituted authority. Honoring those who are over you, those who are honorable (especially parents) releases a special hormone from your brain, permeating your body, that gives long life. If you don't do this that hormone dries up and your bones dry up. The disobedient don't live long. The life span of a homosexual is about 40 years. This is not because of AIDS. They die of a bad conscience.
- Desire

Is air conditioning necessary? We have to be able to make a judgment. Is the Holy of Holies air conditioned? We will do many things to keep us in the comfort zone. You will acclimate yourself to a hlot climate if you face it without an air conditioner. Your flesh will always be screaming for the comfort zone when you begin sleeping night after night with an air conditioner blowing on you". Many sicknesses are a result of our rooms full of positive ions when all the windows are shut. Breathing the same air continually is deadly.

A worm. A worm can hardly stand up and take their discipline - it has no backbone. One with no backbone can hardly stand up against a contentious wife - and is by its very nature already thoroughly defiled, undone and all hope is gone. This one cannot pray, for his good conscience has been taken subtly and cleverly away and has been emasculated. Now there is no head, no male -no testicles. The male voice has been silenced to a high pitched tone while the female voice has been strengthened to a low pitched tone.
- The 10th Commandment

We should drink enough water so that our urine is not yellow and smelly. This will save us great amounts of money and we will not have to flush the toilet so much.
- Brazil 10/19/92

Meat markets are deplorable; rotted meats, corrupted hamburger, (embalmed meats), sick cows already dead but kept alive by pumping them full of medicines.
- Concerning Food