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The Purpose of this web site is to help Parents and others affected by the Twelve Tribe's Cult.
As a former member, I was devastated emotionally, financially, spiritually, physically and psychologically. I lived with the Twelve Tribes for almost three years, and during this time my parents suffered because they didn't know where to find information about the Twelve Tribes from a former member's vantage point. For those parents whose children are caught in the cult I seek to give them accurate information right from Elbert Eugene Spriggs' own teachings. This material is the result of many hours of research, which has been compiled for the readers.

About Us:
About this web site.
Do community members really obey Elbert Eugene Spriggs
Authoritarian Groups
Authoritarian groups and criteria for thought Reform
Baruch Ha Shem:
Another "High Control" group recruiting followers
Biblical Qualifications
for an Apostle

Does Elbert Spriggs meet the requirements for an Apostle

Is Elbert Eugene Spriggs in touch with reality?

Child Discipline:
"When there is a stubborn child you should shorten the child's life?"

What do they really think about Christianity?

Contact Information:
How to reach me and others that can help.

Can community members make decisions for themselves?

Do the communities tolerate differences of opinion?

Elbert Eugene Spriggs
and the Elijah:

Does Spriggs really claim to be the Elijah?

Exalted Position:
Will they really fulfill prophecy?

Do they live in fear?

Are they set free from guilt?

Information Control:
Do community members read or listen to the news?

Links to other informative sites.

Letter from Yachebed
Yacheded letter to Yoneq.

Letter to Lo Nekar
Letter to Lo Nekar

Lying and Deception:
What does the community really teach about lying?

My Story:
The story of how the Twelve Tribes Cult affected my Life.
Narcissistic Personality Disorder:
Is Eugene Spriggs a Narcissist?
Netser Teaching:
Teachings from Nester.
News Paper Articles:
Articles from many different News Paper publications.
Are community member's mindless robots?
Reasons for Leaving
89 reasons why a former member left the Twelve Tribes Cult.

You just can't win!

George Orwell's 1984 revisited!

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