Do the communities tolerate differences of opinion?

A divisive person's character is ANALYTICAL. They are always analyzing everything to see if it agrees with their basic philosophy and concept learned in the world or in Christianity.
-Ahavah 4/23/89

Just like our physical bodies have many parts all the parts of the body are working in coordination to build up the kingdom. If you're not here to build up the kingdom then go-leave! Don't hold everyone else back. We'll even give you bus fare to leave.
-Seeking First His Kingdom

Anything except perfect oneness in opinion and practice is diversity. Anything less than one heart and one mind has seeds of dissension there.
-Ahavah 4/23/89

We cannot tolerate one second of someone who would accuse the body. So he is cut off-he has to leave. Never will he be with us again until he repents. There is no room for anyone who complains against anyone or thing in the body. We do not tolerate faction a person going around dividing the body, persuading another brother against the truth. They go to the second death, the lake of fire.
-Breaking of Bread -Sus 2/24/90