Exalted Position
Will they really fulfill prophecy?

Our children are the ones who are going to fulfill all the promises and prophecies in Revelation.
-Authority 1 9/18/90

Of all the people on the face of the earth in all history of the world, we are the most blessed. We have the greatest privilege of winding up this age, and then the conclusion of our Father's eternal purpose.
-Reasoning 2 11/19/90

The nations will walk by the light of our twelve tribes and they will always be giving us glory, bringing glory into the city, of those people who are ruling them in love and righteousness.†
-Prayer; Millet and his Ultimate purpose 12/11/92

Who is that twelve tribes? His people, the wife of the Lamb, the twelve tribes of Israel. It is the multifaceted Body of Messiah in which every member is different and each and every one radiates an aspect of the resplendent glory of our master YAHSHUA. We will shine out as beacon lights in the universe; we are going to be shining out His firmament, lining out the glory of our Master like stars forever and ever. It sounds lofty, doesnít it? But it only sounds that way because it's so vast.
- Prayer Millet; and His Ultimate Purpose 12/11/92

He has called us to fulfill prophecy. No one else but us are going to fulfill it. It is left for us to bring about unity, light, an end of all evil, the stone and the promise to Abraham.
- The Promise and the Oath 11/29/89

We are growing to be a light. The day will come when we will be an intense light, clothed with the sun, the shining brilliance and splendor of good pure moral lives of brotherly fellowship. We will be the witness and testimony to the world that the kingdom is coming.
- Saved 12/18/92

We are the most privileged people to ever have lived on the face of the earth! He sees us as chosen. He put His will into our hands. We need to be so extremely thankful for this task of overcoming to see the evil one put into prison and later cast into the lake of fire.
- B.O.B 4/9/94

As He is, so also are we in this world (we are as Yahshua to the world). Itís amazing what we're called to be the very sons of God and to represent Him.
- By The Grace And Strength He supplies 6/8/94

The 12 tribes in the next age will be the preeminent people. They are going to be an example to the nations. They will flow into Jerusalem to see a people who are praising their king with the patriarchs who are governing the 12 tribes of Israel. Those who overcome from among us (the Gentiles) will rule over the nations...
- Morning Sacrifice 5/18/94

We will judge each individual's eternal destiny one day. They will stand before us and the books will be opened. We will render judgment on them according to the law written in their hearts. We will be called upon to judge the secrets of men's hearts and whether their justifications are valid. We will decide if there are extenuating circumstances behind their actions or merely reasoning.

We are the light and the hope of the world. We are the only ones who can reclaim this earth for its maker.† We are the only ones whose lives of love pure and devotion like a bride for her groom, can bring heaven to earth.† All other attempts to do so are not merely futile they are evil.†
- Guidelines