Do they live in fear?

If we are not judging and laying aside our besetting sins, humbling ourselves, then He will come and humble us. If we will not humble ourselves, then He will do it for us. He has ways of humbling His children. A tractor ran on top of Isaac, crushing him.
-Breaking of Bread 7/15/89

We have actually had people die because they were not able to judge themselves. This has actually happened in other communities and it can happen to you.
-Sowing Discord 12/9/90

A worthless person is one who sows discord among his brethren. How many have already died because of this and how many deaths will it take to put a godly fear into the rest.
-Sowing Discord 12/9/90

Calamity will come upon you suddenly, if we speak against authority with our mouth.
-Sowing Discord 12/9/90

The wicked among us are an obstacle. It could be me or you! It is anyone who is not doing everything they can to build up His kingdom. An obstacle is a person who holds up progress, stands in the way, a hindrance, an encumbrance, those who weigh down, prevent action. All obstacles must be removed. We will be removed if we are not exercising self-control in all things.
-Breaking of Bread 4/9/94