Are they set free from guilt?

Just like our physical bodies have many parts, all the parts of the body are working in coordination to build the kingdom. If you're not here to build up the kingdom then go-leave! Don't hold everyone else back. We'll even give you bus fare to leave.
-Seeking First His Kingdom

No One has to come to the leaders to pep them up. They impart pep to others. Shepherds cannot afford to fail. If they fail, the whole body fails.
-For Shepherds Only

Second helpings. Eating deserts when hunger is satisfied. Giving into this appetite leads to being overweight. Control your appetite and you will control your weight. If you cut down on sweets you will help a whole lot. We are walking in darkness if we gain weight.

An elder is not soft and flabby with a pooched out stomach. There's no such thing as a flabby elder.
-Elders Part II

Our task is to be a perfect sacrifice without one bad motive, complete and whole.
-Burnt Offering

If a shepherd is depressed everyone is depressed. That is why a shepherd always has a light spirit, a receptive spirit. They do not have a heavy spirit. Shepherds are sober minded but they do not have a heavy spirit. They encourage everyone.
-For Shepherds Only

An elder feels ashamed when his hair gets too long. His mustache is not in his teeth. He trims his beard and gets the wild look out of it. (That look of no one caring for you, like a hobo).

In Naphtali and Manasseh we take the phone off the hook before the sacrifice. It is a priestly function and someone is responsible for doing this. If the phone rings that person is disqualified, and someone else is given the responsibility. Yoneq said "if we can't find a spiritual man to do this, then we're not worthy to be a tribe."
-Community, Notes 6/27/94

We're not going to have a fallen motherly instinct - defending our children when a brother comes to us. We don't get our sword out and hack away at our brother -these are fallen instincts. We trust when we receive a word from our brothers and sisters -that it is in season and it is a good word. That is how our children will grow up right. If not, they will be totally destroyed by not discerning the body. We can't live by guilt - it destroys and kills.
-The Words We Speak 7/12/94

If it is not a need it is an act of the flesh - like eating when you don't need to. Eating for pleasure is greed. No one who does this will enter the kingdom; also no one who eats fast - even when you are alone - will enter the kingdom. If we eat hurriedly it means we don't know God or our brothers and sisters.
-Sexuality 10/89

Every reaction, every response must be perfect. For instance you go to the laundry room. It's your time to do laundry. Someone has just finished putting their clothes in the machines. There is so much opposition to reacting as Yahshua did. He always brought peace. There's no other way for the world to believe that the Father sent the Son.
-Elders Part II 1/8/89

Our houses are getting filthy. Everyone has a sexton who is working all the time to fix it up and keep it clean. If your house doesn't have a sexton don't go to work, just board up your windows and leave. Don't fool yourself-you are not part of the body of Messiah if your house doesn't have a sexton.
-The Ten Commandments/Sowing Discord/Priesthood 4/8/94

Nothing can cause more grief in parents than seeing the fruit of their labor turn sour. They had labor but it was not diligent enough. They held the rod back from its full effect and the child was not saved. Some of us almost experienced that sadness and grief in our hearts already. When we see our grown children with that selfishness and rottenness in them, wanting their own way, rebelling, unable to control their mouth because what is in the heart comes out of the mouth. And life cannot be relived after you have spent your life in vain and all you have is a curse and not a blessing.
-Authority I 9/18/90

Someday our brothers and sisters are going to depend on our love at a crucial moment and if it fails, it will be devastating.
-Ahavah 3 9/13/89