Information Control:
Do community members read or listen to the news?

There was no television, no radio, no newspapers in the homes, and as a result, most members never knew what was happening in the world.
-Elizabeth Petty, Former Member

If you watch television you are of Satan's kingdom - go out into the world if you want to watch television?
-Seeking the Kingdom/Washing/the Narrow Road

...Libraries are concentrations of the world's knowledge where it is possible to ingest lethal doses.
-Literature Meeting, 3/5/92

Truth will never be found in a newspaper article that looks at all sides of an issue. That's the hypocrisy of today.
-Eddie Wiseman

They all alike pay attention to wicked lips, in order to get a good story. The one who reads a newspaper is a liar for they also pay attention and give heed to its information reported as "fact." Anyone who has a desire to read a newspaper has a desire to break God's commandment. An evil spirit in them compels the one to pay attention to its perverted report. Not even the truth should be circulated to the detriment of a person, how much less a lie. What standard of judgment do you have to distinguish between the truth and a lie? A liar listens eagerly to a spiteful tongue, gives heed to a false witness.

...The radios were disconnected in almost every car.
-Melinda Horton, Former Member

Knowledge of good and evil is the thing that drives one to go outside the anointing for teaching. This is a profoundly evil way of thinking. It is like a child checking up on his father as if he had anything in him to judge his father.
-Seat Ones

We must control the visits of grandparents so they do not pollute the sacrifice. We must control time away from the Community (motel, TV). If we give into these types of things then we are still under their control and influence. -
AWM 3/15/88

Some people were listening to music on their job yesterday when there was a radio playing. You need to confess it and be clean or you won't prosper. You know you're lifting up your soul to idols and enjoying it - it's a familiar spirit..
-We Have An Advocate - A Lawyer 4/15/94

-We once described those who consumed the media's output as "the sewer down which every liar's mouth pours their garbage."