LETTER To Lo Nekar

Lo Nekar, my beloved brothers;

It's been a long time since we've communicated. I know that our Father is working in every area of our lives to make sure that we're like our Master. We're going to be like Him one day. This letter comes to you in the name of Yahshua. May you be encouraged and receive vision.

This past weekend we found ourselves not able to go into, the Master's Table. As a whole Edah we could not break bread. I was stunned as I heard these words. We had gathered in a larg circle to pray for our celebration before going into our Master's Table. Yoneq began to explain. how grieved the Holy Spirit was about how we had not properly honored the Shabbat.

The evening before found many people totally involved in their special projects as the sun wait faithfully down, bringing in the Shabbat. It was time for people to be gathering. I was playing guitar when Yoneq and Ha Emeq walked in. He asked me where everyone was. Some were still in the shower and others simply had not come yet. It was clear that Yoneq was disturbed about it.

In reflecting back on how our gatherings have been lately I realized that even Yoneq and the teachers have spoken much about the appointed times and how Ruach Ha Kadesh will meet us if were together at the appointed time ..even though it has been repeatedly said, there has still been a general laxity in responding by everyone coming with promptness. Even responsible brothers had fallen into it.

Yoneq said that we could not break bread because the Holy Spirit was grieved. He said that the only way to be cleansed from die was if we all made a clear confession of our sin. One person after the other confessed how there was a lack of reverence for the Shabbat in their hearts. Each one was aware of the sun's going down but somehow reasoned away the prompting that they felt in their heart.

Some had worked at our restaurant and then on the way home after the sun had set, they decided to wash the car, knowing also that they and the children with them would have to, shower and change clothes. It just didn't seem so important if they were a bit late. Others confessed how they viewed the Shabbat from the standpoint of their Christian experience. They saw it as one more obligation another form or ritual to, be endured until our Master returns. There was no anticipation in their hearts to hear from our Father.

One brother confessed how he had spoken in the flesh when he spoke during our celebration. He had arrived late, then tried to speek as a prophet. It was very difficult to listen to hum Yoneq sod that his speaking actually took away faith.

One thing was clear in all the confessions; the responsible brothers failed in their concern for the Shabbat, so naturally the body will follow suit.

It was stated that we must be aware of the fact that we can be disqualified as a whole from entering the race. The innocent ones would be sent to another Edah. Heb 10:26, 27-3 1. Hearing this truly brought fear to my heart.

After all the confessions were made we cried out to our Father for cleansing. The victory cup was poured out down the drain because as a body we were not worthy to drink it. There was no story for the children. Huldah my 3 year old wept as she went to bed without having tasted the victory cup. It was a hard, sobering lesson for us all.

Because there is forgiveness when there is a clear confession and true repentance, we entered in to share the loaf and the cup of the New Covenant with a renewed respect and reverence for our Father and the Shabbat.
May our Father bring you and Glory to the full dimension of what He created you for and called you to. I know there's much suffering involved. I appreciate your openness with me about Your life.

My son's name is Moshiah Karah. Moshiah means one who liberates, sets free. Karah means to make public proclamation in a loud voice, to read publicly. So his name means one who will liberate by public Proclamations of the Word. May our Father give us much grace to bring him up in this calling.

I love you, Lo Nekar, and All your family. Our Father is determined that we won't fail. We must also be determined. Greet Amaciah and Shakar for me. Everyone here who knows Shakar speaks only wonderfull things about her. I know she is a precious gift to the Edah.

Yochanan Abraham Lo Ger