Can community members make decisions for themselves?

The community does not operate on the basis of discussion and debate leading to some sort of democratic resolution.
-David Jones Current Member

We cannot tolerate one second of someone who would accuse the body. So he is cut off- he has to leave. Never will he be with us again until he repents. There is no room for anyone who complains against anyone or thing in the body .....
-Breaking of Bread 2/24/90

When I think of the tribes I think not much sleep, not much sleep, work hard, work hard, work hard, get corrected, get corrected, confess, confess, sins, sins, dance, go to sleep.
-Former Member

We are waiting for you to conform to the body, to take on the mind of the body. It is this very thing we are watching you on that we have a good conscience about you..
-Body Meeting Re: Zaccai

If there are any opinions contrary to the anointing (Spriggs) then we are a potential hazard to the body. It shows that we are receiving another gospel.
-Receiving The Annointing 8/2/88

There is no underground in the community. It can't even be tolerated in your own family (with your own husband or wife). Somehow our children grew up with an underground. Love your brothers and sisters and tell on them. They won't be deceived and they will live because they heeded your warning.
-Diligence/Expose The Deeds Of Darkness

If the elders tell someone something, for their own good, and the person does not do it, it is stubbornness, rebellion and unwillingness to heed the voice of the elders and leaders...

It is the aim of the Twelve Tribes community to obliterate all independence (thought, action, freedom of movement, opinions, access to information, access to families) and to drive them into a hopeless, dispirited, gray herd of robots. They have lost all personal ambition, are easy to rule willing to obey and willing to exist in selfless slavery to the community.
- Former Member

Just like our physical bodies have many parts, all the parts of the body are working in coordination to build up the kingdom. If you're not here to build up the kingdom then go - leave! Don't hold everyone else back. We'll even give you bus fare to leave.
-Seeking First His Kingdom

Community members are taught absolute obedience to those in authority. (Elders). I think it is dangerous to the people's minds.
-Melinda Horton, Former Member

If we have our Father's choice of elders and leaders then we are to render absolute obedience to them. An elder doesn't have to defend his authority. Attitude of elders is fear and trembling for they represent the authority of Yahweh on the earth.
-Elders and Deacons

In the body of Messiah there is no independence of will, action, movement, or feelings - leading to behavior not becoming to the head. The members of the body never act independently or in opposition.
-The Trinity 7/94

If an elder questioned Spriggs' Teachings he could lose his place of Authority.
Dissenting elders were also talked about in the apostolic Workers Meeting.
-Former Member