Can community members make decisions for themselves?

We are supposed to be perfect in our attitude. Yahshua's attitude wasn't second rate it was Grade A. So our attitude must be like His... Our calling is Ephesians 4:2 is to be 100% kind, 100% gentle (strength under control), 100% forbearing.
-Breaking of Bread 1/29/94

In the body of Messiah there is no independence of will, action, movement, or feelings -leading to behavior not becoming to the head. (Spriggs) The members of the body never act independently or in opposition.
-The Trinity 7/94

(Spriggs ,speaking to Hobab)- If you had really wanted to do something about your withered condition, you would have been here this morning to expose it to let us know. But you didn't come - you obstinately and deliberately stayed in bed -so you may as well have packed your bags and deserted Messiah. If the Holy Spirit is willing to forgive you, we are willing. We are waiting to hear what our Father's judgment is. Of course, we don't know what our Father is going to speak until He meets with us here in this place. We can't say "Amen" unless the Holy Spirit is saying "Amen." There is no way preplanning or predetermining what our Father will say.
-The Seriousness of Being Cut Off -From Messiah 5/19/94

If a visitor is rebellious, he cannot stay here because rebellion is the name of Satan. Rebellious visitors cause confusion among the brothers and sisters. They must subject themselves and listen and if they won't do that, they have to leave. We provide no home for a person who is rebellious. Visitors have to listen and be submissive.
-Old/New Covenant; Rebellious Visitors 12/28/92

We are under control, we are in the anointing, we are not in the footnotes. Footnotes are designed to lead you astray. Footnotes divide on essential things. Footnotes have enough truth in them to make the error LETHAL. Footnotes are the strategy of Satan, they pervert the word of God.
-Elbert Eugene Spriggs (Yoneq)

They must know this. Even their bowel movements. We cover them up in the woods because our Father walks out there. (Fallen man just leaves it there for someone to step in). Reverence and respect for other human beings, since they are made in the image of God, will decide whether someone should enter the nations.
-Masturbation 10/10/89

We must control the visits of grandparents so they do not pollute the sacrifice. We must control time away from the community (motel TV). If we give in to these types of things then we are still under their negative influence and control. Children can get perverted love because of fake affection, food, presents, sweets, etc.
-AWM 3/15/88

It is the aim of the Twelve Tribes commune to obliterate all independence (thought. action, freedom of movement, opinions, access to information, access to families) and to drive them into a hopeless, dispirited, gray herd of robots. They have lost all personal ambition, are easy to rule, willing to obey and willing to exist in selfless slavery, to the community.
-Former Member

If we walk around all day without a smile on our faces, without being pleasant, then we are enemies of the cross.
-Breaking Of Bread '8/27/94

We sang the song '"I love your salvation, your law is my delight.." Yoneq - To sing that song, you have to strain your voice to hit the notes. It's one of the best songs I know for straining your voice and exercising your vocal chords. You have to really exert energy in that song. If we are not all doing it together then it's no good -it doesn't ascend... It might be hard to strain, but continue to strain and you'll come along. Don't think you'll enter the kingdom unless you really exert energy! You can't be passive.
-Blessed are the Poor in Spirit- The Ones who are Needy

Do we eat to live or do we live to eat? We have been trained wrongly. We must be retrained. Overeating is sin; an evil which will kill us. We must stop short of being fully satisfied at meals.

We must get every member of the household to participate one hundred percent in the new social order. If one does not give this one hundred percent it will hold everything back.
-Receiving the Anointing

What is greed? Greed is eating fast. It is idolatry.. We should juice every, piece of vegetable we eat with our teeth... If we chew our food well and train our children to do so then the diseases of the world won't come on us.
-A Week in Albany 7/90

We are waiting for you to conform to the body, to take on the mind of the body. It is this very thing we are watching you on that we have a good conscience about you...
-Body Meeting re: Zaccai

If there are any opinions contrary, to the anointing (Spriggs) then we are a potential hazard to the body. It shows that we are receiving another gospel.
-Receiving the Anointing 8/2/88

Our guests should all come to the sacrifices. Even the night's watchman, regardless of the hardship. In the beginning, everybody has to take a little abuse.
-Rebellion; Sabbath Keeping; Salt

To enter salvation you must., Give up all your possessions to the Body (not to charity -like monks etc.). Give up your spouse and children if they don't come with you. Give up your mind and all your opinions. Obey the elders and shepherds with out question. Give up your parents and relatives and only visit them (with permission) if they do not oppose the Body. Give up any dreams or aspirations you ever had. Give up all previous spiritual faith/beliefs/practices. Publicly renounce Christianity, if you were heavily involved in it Become a literal slave with no rights, no civil liberties of any kind, freedom of movement. Education, mass media, freedom of religion etc. It's all gone!
-Former Member