Are community member's mindless robots?

Reasoning makes my life complicated and dark., There was a time I envied the flowers and birds whose life seemed so simple. Tonight I received hope because we are called to live a simple life - a life of obedience. -Reasoning 11/18/90

After you join the community, you do not think, nor do you make decisions. You must submit, the guilt is so strong.
-Melinda Horton Former Member

The Holy Spirit is only given to the many whose hearts are known by God. He knows that their heart is to repent, capitulate, surrender their head They know that their head has to go...
-Ransom 3/23/89

All servants of God must be delivered from a life of reason.
-Reasoning 11/18/90

To live by reason is so complicated Consider the birds and flowers how simply they live. The more we subject ourselves to authority, the simpler our lives become and the more our offspring will be full of grace. The flowers and birds do not have reasoning. We have to be like them.
-Elbert Eugene Spriggs

If all of His commands must pass through our reasoning, we are operating under a satanic principle, setting yourself up on a equal plane to God.
-Reasoning 11/18/90

There are disciples who receive authority, and disciples who receive reasoning Those who have to be reasoned with will betray the body in the end!
-Breaking of Bread 8/27/94

Community members are always told "you don't have to understand or have revelation to obey. Just stop thinking. Take off your head and your mental reasoning.
-Former Member

Anyone who reasons does not have eternal life.
-Understanding the Deep Mysteries of Our Faith

The broad road is full of reasons, the narrow way is obedience only.
- Reasoning 2/16/91

We learned reasoning from childhood through adulthood. In schools they taught us to question authority... We need to guard our children from reasoning.
-Reasoning 11/11/90

Reasoning is in us, the only way to be done with it is by confession...All servants of God must be delivered from a life of reason. Reason is the first thought of rebellion in word or thought. Many are enslaved by a spirit of reason - they will only come when they are called and go where they are sent, when it seems right to them... Satan can only be bound when there is a people who don't utter slanderous words against authority.. To cease from reason asks for the very life of our flesh. Our flesh must die. Satan is the father of reason. 2 classes of believers: 1) those who live by reason 2) those who live by authority.
-Reasoning 2/16/91

If you trust in our Father you can put your foot on reasoning. I learned reasoning by day and by night. When I came here one day, I gave up me head.
-Reasoning 1/18/90

We are to learn obedience and teach our children to be obedient. This is done by casting out reasoning.
-Reasoning 1/18/90

Reasoning is rebellion in its highest form.
-Reasoning 12/18/90