You just can't win!

Lying is speaking according to your own personal preference, according to our own likes and dislikes, instead of speaking the mind of the anointing, which is the truth. It is speaking according to emotion or opinion. It is all right to have opinions but never bring them across as if they were the mind unless you have the Amen of the Body.
-Lack of Overweening Self Confidence

If we don't love (ignoring a brother) it is the highest form of hate. If we are not loving them we are murdering our brother.
-What It Means To Be Justified 6/19/94

You're to tell on your husband tell on your brothers and sisters. That's love. To not do this is hate and then you're a murderer because you are robbing them of life.
-Seeking First His Kingdom

Do we eat to live or do we live to eat? We have been trained wrongly. We must be restrained. Overeating is a sin: an evil which kills us. We must stop short of being fully satisfied at meals...It is when our hunger is satisfied, but we still could eat a little more, that the taste of food becomes paramount in our decision to eat more or not. We only overeat something tasty. In doing so we become enemies of the cross of Messiah. Second helpings. Eating deserts when hunger is satisfied...we are walking in darkness if we gain weight.

Reasoning is rebellion in its highest form. Satan rebelled by reasoning; it was the first form of rebellion.
-Reasoning 11/18/90