George Orwell's 1984 revisited!

I saw the fruit of not being a tattletale. I saw for real what happens to people if you let them go on in their sin (Like my abba, Juan Mattatall). I'm not going to be afraid to tell on people.
-Youth Confession 6/26/94

Salome was washed for her sin of covering up-being part of the underground. There can be no underground in the Body! If you see a brother sin, tell on him. If not you are just as guilty.
-Let's Be Real 4/3/94

There is an underground in the youth Yes. They're going to the second death because they claim to see but do not see. It's the same as Numbers 15:31; John 9:4. Try to hide your brothers sins and don't expose them. It's still going on.
-The Greatest Commandment, 9/93

I got into some trouble and was afraid to tell. I told one of the other youth and told her not to tell. She saved my life and told on me.
-Youth Confession 6/26/94

You're to tell on your husband, tell on your brothers and sisters. That's love. To not do this is hate and then you're a murderer because you are robbing them of life.
-Seeking First His Kingdom/Washing/The Narrow Road, 4/1/94

If you see a brother or sister doing something that is not right and you spare them and don't say anything even though you know they are lifting up their soul to idols then you become guilty. Ezek 3:18-21 His blood is on your hands. We must blow the trumpet.
-Diligence/Expose The Deeds of Darkness

There is no underground in the Edah. It can't even be tolerated in your own family with your own (husband or wife). Somehow our children grew up in the underground. Love your brothers and sisters and tell on them. Then you won't be deceived and they will live because they heeded your warning.
-Diligence/Expose The Deeds Of Darkness 3/30/94

If we're not diligent, we're not secure. We have people around who don't love us enough to blow the whistle on us.
-Diligence/Expose The Deeds Of Darkness 3/30/94

We have to be cleansed from our dullness and never allow a brother to drift off. Don't be afraid to tell on a brother. Am I my brother's keeper? Or am I a murderer?
-Diligence/Expose The Deeds of Darkness

Tell on one another - get help for people - don't pass by one another - be a good Samaritan. -Seeking First His Kingdom - No "Underground" 4/14/94

Children who are afraid to be tattletales will grow up abused. If we don't put something into our children to come to us, we sin. Everyone knows what they are supposed to do...
-Speaking The Truth in Love 4/14/94

Children make sure you tell an adult if someone is doing something wrong.
-Seeking First His Kingdom - No Undergound 1994